You pretend to be so near, but turn your back on me when I try to fetch you.

Your name is Happiness, but why are you making me so unhappy?


You gave me a sweet dream and broke it apathetically.

You are a killer with the disguise as a life saver.


If you do not belong to me, please stop coming to me.

Show your mercy...I beg you.


You used to complete my life but now tear it apart into pieces.

You used to illuminate my life but now darken it.


Why am I so foolish to have faith in you again and again even though you betray me again and again?

Yeah...I am so keen to have you, all out for you.

In the long run, I am given nothing in return.


I know I should not expect, but I cannot help.

I deserve it.


It is so damned hurt...

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